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Livable Luxury

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Livable Luxury is more than a look. It is rather a way of life that seeks to create a setting in which a vivacious life can unfold to create life’s most memorable moments. Our upholstery program features a smart selection of simplified customization options across nearly 300 frames, accompanied by a comprehensive assortment of more than 500 fabrics and leathers.

True Luxury

True Luxury

combines quality and ease

When it’s done right, a single piece of furniture is a culmination of hundreds of moments. Each one must strike the perfect balance between form and function. Every stitch, every screw. We’re not above going back to the drawing board here. It’s this kind of thinking that compels us to find the perfect comfort and pitch.

Design Simplicity

Design Simplicity

is a discipline

It’s what drives us to curate the most exquisite selection, and cut with the most discerning eye, because we know exactly how it should all come together. The curves, the texture, the style. At Gabby, it’s on us to create a vision that you love and turn it into a piece that can be lived in for years to come.

Beauty Performance

beauty meets


We are building an upholstery line that is as functional as it is beautiful, recognizing that there is a real need in the marketplace for quality upholstery that can be stylish and lived in. We had family in mind when we embarked on this journey. Having upholstery in the home that is attractive, yet durable enough to withstand life’s beautiful messes is important. Our new program features 175 performance driven fabrics, including solutions for the indoors and out.

495 New
495 New Fabrics
175 Performance
175 Performance Fabrics
55 Luxurious
55 Luxurious Leathers
12 Leg
12 Leg Finishes
7 Nail Head
Finish Options
7 Nail Head Finish Options

Our Story


Our Guarantee

Each piece of upholstery that bears this label has our guarantee of providing the livable luxury you not only expect but deserve. We will never compromise on comfort, quality, or style for our customers, because to us you are more than that

you are family.